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Cyber Insecurity & Business Continuity Management

- a next-gen pro-active approach

Why your business continuity program must mesh with your information
security and corporate cyber security strategies?

With a legacy cyber defence, the defender has to do everything perfectly to protect the enterprise.

With a Next-Generation Cyber Defence, the attacker has to do everything perfectly to attack it.

Which would you rather have?

Next Gen Cyber Security Ecosystem

Our Objective is to Design a Custom Made Next-Generation Pro-ActiveCyber Security Ecosystem to ensure Business Continuity Management for Personal & Corporate customers. The Ecosystem shall Essentially AIM at Business Continuity Management despite all odds.

Defence in Depth

Complexity does not correlate with Effectiveness

You think your security is pretty good. You deploy sophisticated cyber security technologies. Yet you still get breached.

Perhaps your “defence in depth” is not as deep as you think.


Flaws are inevitable

Attackers can always gain a
foothold, eventually

Systems malfunction

Defenders don’t detect the
attackers on the inside

People make mistakes

Attackers eventually succeed

BCM - Business Continuity Management

An Ecosystem to Protect Organisations from Espionage

Best-in-Class to provide Defence-in-Depth protection

We custom design Secure Ecosystem which includes a number of best-in-class hardware & software technologies,
to create a strong defence system aiming to protect your valuable digital assets in any odd situations

"Only a Next-Generation Pro-Active Cyber Defense Ecosystem can ensure Business Continuity Management"

How it works?




Protecting your
data first


Ensures Business


Sustained BCM


Cyber crime costs Trillions of Dollars globally & it takes weeks to recover.


FICCI: Cyber Threat is 2nd Biggest Threat to business in India.

KPMG: 72% of Indian Companies faced Cyber Attacks in 2015

Indian Express: India 4th Prime Target for Ransomware

In an age of affordable data surveillance, we provide near "Zero-Vulnerability Immune Service"

Go for A Granite Strong Security

It's not an Application, IT'S AN ECOSYSTEM

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